Assign Yourself!

I read a book by Marion Wright Edelman a long time ago,

In that book, she explains that when she was a child, her dad would ask her to “assign herself” some homework. So in addition to the weekly reading and writing homework, I encourage children to pursue their own passions at home. All the children seem to be buzzing about biology lately. Sunny just molted yesterday and I gathered a small mixed group of 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders to do some observation and follow up study. The Betas have are continuing to delve into zoology. Gammas are studying Botany and Alphas are learning the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates. Ask them to find their backbone!

If children want to do internet research from home, please check the website. There are a few resources there under students:

“The second lesson is: to assign yourself. My Daddy couldn’t stand to see us unengaged in constructive work. And he used to ask us when we had come home from school: did the teacher give you any homework? If we’d say no, he’d say: well assign yourself some. Don’t wait around for your boss or your friends or teachers to direct you to so what you’re able to figure out and do for yourself. And don’t do just as little as you can to get by. And as you grow up and become citizens…please don’t be a political bystander and grumbler. I really hope every one of you will register to vote and vote every time. A democracy is not a spectator sport. And if you see a need please don’t ask: “why somebody doesn’t do something” ask “why don’t I do something?” Initiative and persistence are still the non-magic carpets to success for most of us.”

Marion wright edelman assign yourself:


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