Dizzy Gillespie

We read two great books this week.

We have started the routine of independent reading with an introduction to type of book or “genre”. We read aloud Dizzy by Jonah Winer as an introduction to Biography….and Bebop. We also read aloud 4,962,571 by Trevor Eissler and Ruth Chung , “ This book delightfully captures the Montessori goal of children not only coming up with questions on their own, but also figuring out how to answer them. Zach s curiosity and inventiveness, as well as his joy in his self-directed learning, are true hallmarks of Montessori education… –Marcy Krever, American Montessori Society” We used it as inspiration for setting difficult goals and working hard and flexibly to achieve our dreams.


Here’s more on Dizzy and Bebop:





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