Storytelling in the Classroom

On Thursday, March 19th, Auntie Beverly came to tell stories to E1 and children’s house. She is our official Bright Water storyteller. As follow-up, on Monday, March 23-25th I told some stories of my own.

The stories I told: (Both come from my experience. I am Jewish and I lived in Japan for 2 years)

1. “Could be Worse” A Russian Jewish Folk Tale.

2. “Maybe, Maybe Not” a Taoist / Zen tale from Japan

(As both are oral, living folk tales, there are many versions.)

I encourage students to tell the stories that they connect with:

Here are some tools for children to begin to tell their own stories.

1. Collecting Family Stories

2. Interview Questions

3. Simple Stories to retell: Aesop’s fables and more.

4. Stories in a Nutshell

5. Aesop’s Tales-ABC

6. Interactive Cinderella 

For Teachers/Parents:


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