Bright Words! Montessori Sojourn!

The Eagle’s Nest is a website begun by me, Peter Avirom, in 2014. It was originally created as a resource for my classroom at the time, The Eagle’s Nest at Bright Water Montessori in North Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thus the web address:

Bright Water Montessori School Eagle’s Nest.

On March 1st, 2017 I relaunched the website with the new name:

Bright Words Montessori Sojourn, Eagle’s Nest:

A place for Books, Montessori Education, and Exploration of the world!

The continuing mission of The Eagle’s Nest is to

Be Safe,

Be Kind,

and Work Hard. 

About me:

I am a father, a teacher, a Montessorian, a son, a husband, a writer of stories for children, an improviser, a game player (mainly chess and team sports but also video games), a comic book reader, a New York Jew, a linguist (I Speak japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and English) and above all, a student. I’m always learning something new and this website is how I share that information with my students and the world.

Principles I live and teach by:

  1. Be Kind Whenever Possible. It is always Possible. – Dalai Lama
  2. No Struggle, No Progress. – Frederick Douglas.

More about me here:


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