Whatcha Readin’ Mr. Avirom?

Here are some new (to me) books that I’m excited about!

Do you love comic books a.k.a graphic novels?

Do you wish there was something for readers at (Guided Reading) Level  I-J-K?

Well these books are for you!

Blip! and other TOON BOOKS:


Bunny + Ninjitsu = BUNjitsu!



Flat Stanley!


Fly Guy!


Do you like animals? Want to hear about the BEST NEW children’s Books?

Head to…Wild RUMPUS!

rats.JPGWild Rumpus logo extra small_3.jpg



Here’s a great website for third graders to learn about our solar system:

  1. Star Child
  2. They have an article on ERIS!

Best of all, the page has an audio link so you can listen to it!

Are you interested in learning more about the new EXOPLANETS?

Want to know about SpaceX?