Geography: How to Research A Place


Geography = Geo (world) + graph (to write) or “writing down the world.”

Your Mission:

  1. Listen to Mr. Avirom read “P is Passport”
  2.  Choose a place you want to learn more about.
    1. Mr. Avirom will model with Minnesota State and Japan
  3. Write down a few questions. Use “Passport” as inspiration.
    1. Homes? Where do people live?
    2. Food? What do they eat?
    3. School? What do they learn in school?
    4. Famous People? Who lives there?
    5. Language? How do they say hello?
  4. Resources:
    1. Epic: Mr. Avirom has shared many collections with you. Check in your “mailbox”
    2. Ducksters :
    3. Mr. Nussbaum: “Landmarks or geography is a good place to start”
    4. PebbleGo!
  5. Take notes on your Geography sheet.
  6. Use the top frame to draw pictures, take notes, and record what you learn!
  7. We’ll share what we learn at the end of the day. You can even make a poster or picolage!

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