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Three Little Birds

The Saint Paul Civic Symphony came to our school on Tuesday, May 16th. Carol Henseler has been working very hard to organize for us this concert.

Would you like to hear the story again? Watch the video below and then retell it in your own words and pictures. Can you retell it in just 6 or 7 scenes?


“What happens when characters from Star Wars, the movie, attend a classical music concert? Discover the answer for yourself at one of the Twin Cities most fun, interactive, and free family events for all ages-the Saint Paul Civic Symphony Children’s Concert in collaboration with artists from ArtStart!

Led by artists and performers from ArtStart, the concert features an original composition “The Three Little Birds – A Tale from Guinea, West Africa” composed by Jan Gilbert for symphony orchestra and performers from Duniya Dance & Drum ensemble”



Ghana Music: African Music Ensemble

It’s time again for our annual trip to see Macalester college’s African Music Ensemble.


More about the music of Ghana:

African Music Safari has some great resources where you can watch and listen to the music come alive:


Want to make some instruments of your own? Search here:

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Other things you can make with an oatmeal can: