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Our First Eagle’s Nest T-Shirt!

EXTRA! Extra ! Read all about it!

Produced by ELPIS , the T Shirts are here!

“The business of hope for youth

Elpis Enterprises (Elpis is Greek for Hope) is a Saint Paul-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides job training, work experience and job placement for homeless or precariously-housed young people ages 16-23. Through several social enterprises, youth build skills, build experience and build relationships in the community. Young people develop as individuals and potential employees by working in real enterprises gaining the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to overcome homelessness and become contributing members of our community.”

Shirt design by Caroline and Evelyn. Many thanks to ALL

students who submitted designs this year!

Here’s how Elpis made it:

Enemy Pie

Our Social Justice Curriculum for Jan/Feb:

This month we are focusing on learning to understand our moods and on building friendships–even with those we don’t feel we know very well. You never know, that person you may think of as “weird” or “different” or an “enemy” could turn into your best friend:

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Nugget and Fang

Mouse and the Lion:


30 – 30 – 30 Spring Reading Challenge!

Would you like a free book?

30 – 30 – 30 Reading Challenge! Free Books for every child that reads for 30 minutes in school, 30 minutes at home, for 30 days! Our goal is for each child in Eagle’s Nest to read for at least 2,000 minutes between now and our Baker field trip which is about 30 days away. SEE PROBLEM OF THE WEEK, below

Any child who reads for at least 2,000 minutes or reaches her or his personal goal, may choose 1 free book or comic book on or after Wednesday, May 6th.

(Our Baker field trip is on Thursday and Friday so the reward may actually wait until the following Monday.)

P.O.W. : Problem of the Week : Reading Challenge!

This week’s problem is: Counting Time!

Every child in Eagle’s Nest should answer 1 or more parts. Please show your work in the space provided, on the back, or on a separate sheet of paper. Eagle’s Nest Reading Log: THIRTY DAYS OF READING CHALLENGE!

Wednesday, April 8th – Wednesday, May 6th

  1. Our goal is for each child in Eagle’s Nest to read for at least 2,000 minutes between now and our Baker field trip which is about 30 days away. If you read for 30 minutes every day at school and 30 minutes every day at home, how many minutes will you have read in 30 days?
  2. How long do you need to read each day to reach 2000 minutes in 30 days?
  3. Could you set a larger goal? What if you wanted to reach 5,000 minutes in 30 days? How long would you need to read each day? Could you read for longer on Saturdays and Sundays? Show your plan for reading for _____ minutes in 30 days:
  4. If each child in Eagle’s Nest reads for 2,000 minutes in 30 days, how many minutes is that in ALL?
  5. Make up your own word problem for the class involving counting minutes or hours!