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Who is Gene Luen Yang?


  1. He is a teacher

  1. He is a cartoonist / comic book author.

Here’s his website:

Why Comics Belong in the Classroom, 10 minutes

  1. He is the author of ABC or “American Born Chinese”

Here are 9 things to know about him:

Whatcha Readin’ Mr. Avirom?

Here are some new (to me) books that I’m excited about!

Do you love comic books a.k.a graphic novels?

Do you wish there was something for readers at (Guided Reading) Level  I-J-K?

Well these books are for you!

Blip! and other TOON BOOKS:


Bunny + Ninjitsu = BUNjitsu!



Flat Stanley!


Fly Guy!


Do you like animals? Want to hear about the BEST NEW children’s Books?

Head to…Wild RUMPUS!

rats.JPGWild Rumpus logo extra small_3.jpg

Free Comic Book Day 2016!

I brought some friends this year:

And I have a few comics to share:

Here are some of the Comic Book Artists whose autograph I got this year:

  1. Dave Wheeler drew a beutiful Rey SkyWalker for our classroom.
  2. Blue Delliquanti draws comics for teens and older, mostly about robots, because, as you know, everybody loves robots!
  3. I met Otis Frampton, author of Oddly Normal, for the second year in a row.


He will be at the Barnes and Noble Book Fair at Har Mar Mall on May 21st:

Saturday May 21, 2016 10:00 AM
(Local Interest)
Event Description
Stop in today and enjoy the wonderful events planned for your enjoyment by the students, parents and staff of Four Seasons A+ Elementary school.


Roseville II

HarMar Mall
2100 North Snelling Ave
Roseville, MN 55113

Store Hours:

Sun 9-9
Mon-Sat 9-10

Libraries Are Some of My Best Friends

Here’s why:



When I was in high school , someone gave me a copy of the Autobiography of Malcolm X. It changed my life on many ways… Most of all, I admire Malcolm’s voracious quest for the truth and his unending pursuit of self change and transformation.

‘Nuff Said.


This ABC BOOK is more than an easy reader. I love alpha beta books because they are often powerful compendiums of arcane knowledge hiding in disguise.


Many libraries such as Pierre Botineau and Nokomis and Roosevelt ( above ) have science ( X rays) and other hands on activities for children to explore.

30 – 30 – 30 Spring Reading Challenge!

Would you like a free book?

30 – 30 – 30 Reading Challenge! Free Books for every child that reads for 30 minutes in school, 30 minutes at home, for 30 days! Our goal is for each child in Eagle’s Nest to read for at least 2,000 minutes between now and our Baker field trip which is about 30 days away. SEE PROBLEM OF THE WEEK, below

Any child who reads for at least 2,000 minutes or reaches her or his personal goal, may choose 1 free book or comic book on or after Wednesday, May 6th.

(Our Baker field trip is on Thursday and Friday so the reward may actually wait until the following Monday.)

P.O.W. : Problem of the Week : Reading Challenge!

This week’s problem is: Counting Time!

Every child in Eagle’s Nest should answer 1 or more parts. Please show your work in the space provided, on the back, or on a separate sheet of paper. Eagle’s Nest Reading Log: THIRTY DAYS OF READING CHALLENGE!

Wednesday, April 8th – Wednesday, May 6th

  1. Our goal is for each child in Eagle’s Nest to read for at least 2,000 minutes between now and our Baker field trip which is about 30 days away. If you read for 30 minutes every day at school and 30 minutes every day at home, how many minutes will you have read in 30 days?
  2. How long do you need to read each day to reach 2000 minutes in 30 days?
  3. Could you set a larger goal? What if you wanted to reach 5,000 minutes in 30 days? How long would you need to read each day? Could you read for longer on Saturdays and Sundays? Show your plan for reading for _____ minutes in 30 days:
  4. If each child in Eagle’s Nest reads for 2,000 minutes in 30 days, how many minutes is that in ALL?
  5. Make up your own word problem for the class involving counting minutes or hours!