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Writer’s Workshop

I call it Writer’s Workshop but reeally you can’t be a good writer without being a good reader. And in Montessori, writing comes first. For the emergent Literacy neophyte, It’s easier to reproduce the sounds and images from one’s own mind than to guess at what some author you never met was trying to say. More info from Maria here.

Some of my heroes of writing:

  1. Ralph Fletcher
  2. Writing Down the Bones with Natalie Goldberg
  3. Bird by Bird
  4. Paul Fleishman
  5. Donald Graves
  6. Lucy Calkins


  1. Read Write Think

Material Making 101





Free Printables:



Daily Use:


  2. x

Tips on proper handwriting:



Sarah Kay says, ” I write poem to figure thing out.”


Kay Sarah Sera

“I am young enough to know about Magic Cats” and Fairies. Are you?

Poet, Sarah Kay, reading one of her poems:

Here’s another of her poems, that actually became a short picture book called


“If I should have a daughter…”

(Teachers, Check out “Ten Things I Know to Be True”

at 10:00)

Why do you think she decided to call it that? Do you think she would say the same things to her son? Why or why not?
What verse will you add to the cosmic story ?

What will be YOUR gift to this wide wise world?

AMS Montessori Conference 2016

These are the workshops I attended and what I am learning:




Peace Education: Vital for Every Student

We got lessons presented to us from this amazing book:

Sonnie McFarland

Sonnie McFarland, the AMS 2011 Living Legacy, has been a Montessori educator for over 40 years. She is an international speaker, consultant, and workshop leader on educating for peace, personal transformation, community building, and Montessori parenting. She has written Honoring the Light of the Child and Shining Through: A Teacher’s Handbook on Transformation. She and her husband, Jim McFarland, PhD, received the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Award for their co-authored book, Montessori Parenting: Unveiling the Authentic Self.

Patricia Yonka

Patricia Yonka is a member of the AMS Peace Committee. She is also the creator of the CD Peace Through Music. AMS-credentialed (Elementary I – II).



Workshop 1

Reading Workshop

Amy Croel-Perrien

Amy Croel-Perrien, MEd, is a graduate student instructor at Michigan State University and a former Montessori elementary teacher in Holland, Michigan. AMS-credentialed (Elementary I – II).


Mitchell Adler

He taught us about identifying and managing our

HW: for adults, teachers, parents, and students:

Write down 5 triggers in each of those categories

How do they manifest in your thoughts, your bodies, stomach head, actions

Think of a number 1-100:

  1. What’s the most stressed you’ve been in your life? That’s a 100
  2. What’s the most relaxed? That’s a 1.
  3. 50 is your baseline–daily. (Well, for some of us.)

For example, right now I’ feeling about a 60. I’m happy but not relaxed. I’m excited about this workshop and I’ve had a lot of coffee.


Workshop 2: Using Picture Books as Mentor Texts for Word Study


The Right Word


Big, Bigger, Biggest by Nancy Coffelt



Workshop 4: 8-9:30


Enemy Pie

Our Social Justice Curriculum for Jan/Feb:

This month we are focusing on learning to understand our moods and on building friendships–even with those we don’t feel we know very well. You never know, that person you may think of as “weird” or “different” or an “enemy” could turn into your best friend:

See also:

Nugget and Fang

Mouse and the Lion:


North America Study

For Countries:

1. Country reports is a good place to start

2. So is Culture Grams

3. Kids know it

4. Ducksters: (no password required)

Ask your teacher for the username and password

For the 50 States:

1. has trees, birds, songs, famous people, maps…everything you could ask for.


Other interesting stories:

1. Did you know that the polar bear capital of the world is in Canada?

2. You could make your own map of the bears of North America:


or make your own biome map!

All about biomes:



More resources for teachers: