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CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE – —The Door to Save Time— By Eagle’s Nest

—-Page 1——————-

Hurry! There’s no time to waste!

The people need your help. If you go outside your home right now, there will be a door in your backyard. Open it.

That’s what the note says. It was slipped under the door to your room just moments ago as you lay in bed, starting to fall asleep.

“Oh sure, another practical joke, “ you say out loud, “ Ha! Ha! very funny, Max.”

Your younger brother is always playing jokes on you and this letter must be just the latest weirdest attempt at ruining your life. You can just hear him now, “I got you, Morgan! You feel for another one of my classic jokes.”

But, much to your surprise, as soon as you finish reading the note you see a bright light shining from your backyard. What could it be? You rush outside and there, before you, where your treehouse and the swings normally sits is a shimmering silver door.

Should you open it?

It you open it, Turn to page 2

If you go back to sleep and pretend it was all a strange dream, turn to page 3

—-Page 1——————-


—-Page 2——————-

You decide to enter the shimmering silver door and are instantly transported to a blank white room. It’s completely empty. The walls are bright white, the floor and ceiling are bright white, and you can’t even see the door where you came in. The only thing before you is a silver table standing next to a light blue door with a small silver porthole.

On the silver table is a red tray, with another note in an envelope. You open it.

Thank THOTH you made it! There’s no time to waste. I’m sorry for the cryptic notes but this is the only way I can communicate with you right now. I’ll explain more when we meet. There is a problem with the space time continuum. Something happened that should have never happened and you need to fix it. You’ll be traveling back in time, but you’ll need to wear a disguise or THEY will suspect that you’re trying to interfere. And THEY are always watching. Put on one of the sets of clothing that remain on the tray. Only then will you be able to open the door.

Which do you choose?

1. A Red Silk robe


2. Sandals made of grass


3. A white cloak with one word sewn into a tag: chlamys


4. A kirtle and a shield with lions on it. Attached is a note that says, “you’ll need both the apron and the coat of arms. Hide the latter in your kirtle if you need to, young knight.”


Make your choice! The Next pages will be written by the Gammas of Eagle’s Nest

—-Page 2——————-


—-Page 3——————-

I guess you have no taste for adventure. You go back to sleep never learning of your chance to save the universe from great peril. When you wake up the next morning you have forgotten the whole thing. The day is uneventful.

The End

—-Page 3——————-


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