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Three Little Birds

The Saint Paul Civic Symphony came to our school on Tuesday, May 16th. Carol Henseler has been working very hard to organize for us this concert.

Would you like to hear the story again? Watch the video below and then retell it in your own words and pictures. Can you retell it in just 6 or 7 scenes?


“What happens when characters from Star Wars, the movie, attend a classical music concert? Discover the answer for yourself at one of the Twin Cities most fun, interactive, and free family events for all ages-the Saint Paul Civic Symphony Children’s Concert in collaboration with artists from ArtStart!

Led by artists and performers from ArtStart, the concert features an original composition “The Three Little Birds – A Tale from Guinea, West Africa” composed by Jan Gilbert for symphony orchestra and performers from Duniya Dance & Drum ensemble”




Sarah Kay says, ” I write poem to figure thing out.”


Kay Sarah Sera

“I am young enough to know about Magic Cats” and Fairies. Are you?

Poet, Sarah Kay, reading one of her poems:

Here’s another of her poems, that actually became a short picture book called


“If I should have a daughter…”

(Teachers, Check out “Ten Things I Know to Be True”

at 10:00)

Why do you think she decided to call it that? Do you think she would say the same things to her son? Why or why not?
What verse will you add to the cosmic story ?

What will be YOUR gift to this wide wise world?


There are many volcanoes throughout the world. Some are in South America. To find out more, select the links below:

Nevados Ojos del Salado

Nevados Ojos del Salado is the world’s highest active volcano. It is located on the Chile/Argentina border, about 20 km south of the road that crosses Argentina-CHile border at Paso de San Francisco.

More here:



3. Volcanoes of chile:


A list:

1. Oregon State University

This site has a table of data on many of the world’s Volcanoes

There’s another table here :

It’s alphabetical by name. Use Control + F to search for the name of the country you are studying, for example: “Chile”

2. Wikipedia is also a good place TO START. Once you know the name of a volcano in the country you are studying, it will make your search easier. Again, use CONTROL + F to search for the name of the country you are studying.

3. weather kids is a good place to start for a basic introduction.

4. Enchanted is a good place to start as well:

5.. National Geographic has a short 3 min video you can watch at home. You can watch a Brainpop video at school.

6. Primary homework help has links to other sites:

7. Britannica is an online encyclopedia:

A volcano erupted in Hawaii, U.S.A on November 3rd, 2014:

Here’s a news story for you to read with an adult: