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Who is Gene Luen Yang?


  1. He is a teacher

  1. He is a cartoonist / comic book author.

Here’s his website:

Why Comics Belong in the Classroom, 10 minutes

  1. He is the author of ABC or “American Born Chinese”

Here are 9 things to know about him:

How to Deal With Your Annoying Little Brother…..and GIANTS!

Do you love to write? What should you write about?

Well, you should always: WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW,

even that means writing about your annoying little sibling. That’s what a 1st grade girl from Alabama did, and now she’s a published author!

Here’s another video:


Another great book I’m in love with at the moment is

The Great Antonio by Elise Gravel.

Not only is it a TOON BOOK and a graphic novel but it’s a true story!

That’s right! It’s a biography. Watch more below:



Whatcha Readin’ Mr. Avirom?

Here are some new (to me) books that I’m excited about!

Do you love comic books a.k.a graphic novels?

Do you wish there was something for readers at (Guided Reading) Level  I-J-K?

Well these books are for you!

Blip! and other TOON BOOKS:


Bunny + Ninjitsu = BUNjitsu!



Flat Stanley!


Fly Guy!


Do you like animals? Want to hear about the BEST NEW children’s Books?

Head to…Wild RUMPUS!

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