Teaching how to round numbers

A topic that sometimes comes up on standardized tests is that of rounding. This blog post below not only gives advice about how to teach it well but also some background on the concept. How do you (as an adult) use rounding in your everyday life?



In the Montessori classroom, we have many materials that can aid in conceptualizing this.


Writing Prompts

Not sure what to write in your Homework Journal tonight?

Here are some ideas:





The Skin I Live In


As part of our Social Justice Curriculum, this week we have an art lesson on creating skin tones.

1. Children will use color mixing with watercolors to create their skin tone (and the skin tones of anyone they know). They will experiment and play until they get a color that is close to their own. They will also try to make a variety of skin tones of the human race: http://wonderteacher.com/how-to-create-skin-tones-with-watercolor-paints/

2. Next, they will name their newly created color based on things they like in nature (ex: honey caramel, almond delight, mahogany)

In later assignments, they will trace their hand and color it to match their own. We will make a classroom display of “helping hands” as a symbol of teamwork and cooperation.

Later, we will do a variety of self-portraits. Crayola tempera paints in  a variety of skin tones are also available.


Other resources:


Books we will read:

Black is Brown is Tan


The Color of Us


The Skin You Live In



Do you know the difference between a lake and an island? What is an archipelago?

Here are some resources for land  and water research:

1. Here are some project ideas:


2. Here’s a glossary at Enchanted Learning 


3. This one includes photos and maps:


4. Mr. Nussbaum has a lot of History and Geography resources on many topicsL




Leaf Shapes

The Gammas are studying leaf shapes. A fun project students of all ages is to go on a leaf hunt.

Can you find a cordate shaped leaf?

What shape is  maple leaf?

What trees do you have in your backyard?

Feel free to press leaves in a book at home and bring them in to school to share.

Leaf shapes: http://www.vplants.org/plants/glossary/plate03.html

Leaf kinds ( tree identification):





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