Here are some articles for parents on Child development and other topics:

  1. Stubborn kids are likely to be successful
  2. The Homework Myth
  3. Technology and attention problems

Summer Vacation Ideas:

Visit your local library. How about Pierre Bottineau?

55 Broadway St. N.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55413



Are you looking for more homework for your child?

Here are some free resources for you:

Reading: (There is an ipad /iphone app that works the same)

Your teacher’s name: eteacher35

Students may click on their names. They already know their passwords. Accounts are good through November.


1. Here are some worksheets for practice and review.

2. Children can complete 20 free problems per day. Gammas (3rd years) have a username and password good through November.


Looking for interesting articles on education?

Want advice on how to encourage curiosity in young children?

You can look here as well: 

1. Mind/Shift:  Age of Distraction: Why It’s Crucial for Students to Learn to Focus

2. :Do Young Children Need Computers?

Apps for children:

My favorite “Applications for children” are children reading, writing, and using their hands to explore nature in the real world. I am not a huge proponent of much computer or screen time for children, especially before the age of 10.

However, if your child is going to spend time staring at a screen on a tablet or phone device, these are some helpful alternatives to games:

Dragon Box Algebra

Brain Pop Jr.

Study constellations with Star Walk !

All students have accounts through BWE on RAZ Kids. They know their login. The teacher name : eteacher35

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