Work Portfolio

This is a place for all student work that they care to share, from first tries, works in progress, to masterpieces.

Week of Sept 21st, 2015

This is our weekly assignment board. These follow-up works are due for the Alphas at this time. Students help illustrate the reminders with visuals.


Mr. Peter reads this book every year (and usually cries). Read it and find out why. Spoiler alert: it’s a true story written by one of his favorite authors.


This is an example of (long) bead chain work:


The children really enjoyed this book of poetry called “Poems for a Busy Day”IMG_5744

This is Golden Bead work. This child has formed all the numbers 1-1,000. We use this material for all four Mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (in both children’s house) and elementary.IMG_5724

This is Mr. Peter’s rough draft of his HOPES and DREAMS for the school year. We do this every year during the first 6 weeks of school: IMG_5662

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