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For teachers or others looking for lesson ideas, you should try my companion site: Three Period Lesson.


Minnesota State Standards for Math:

Download Grade 3 Math Sampler

1. Cloquet school district has a helpful checklist:


2.So does Sci Math MN 


Their Comments on the 2007 MN Math standards

3. IXL MN standards alignment:




  1. http://writingfix.com/wac/HistoryFix.htm
  2. http://writingfix.com/
  3. http://harrisburdickproject.weebly.com/lesson-plan.html


The Five Great Lessons (Great Stories):

  1. Montessori for Everyone, summary
  2. http://www.missbarbara.net/greatlessons.html
  3. Many great resources here: http://expeditionmontessori.blogspot.com/p/montessori-great-lessons-resource-page.html

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