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A Shocking Find In a Neanderthal Cave In France

What would YOU build with Stalagmites?


Mysterious structures found deep inside a French cave are the work of Neanderthal builders who lived in the region more than 100,000 years before modern humans set foot in Europe.

The extraordinary constructions are made from nearly 400 stalagmites that have been yanked from the ground and stacked on top of one another to produce rudimentary walls on the damp cave floor.”

Cave Art

When do you think art began? How about the first written word?

Well, the earliest forms of communications weren’t words at all but rather symbols or ideograms:



We read this book aloud


Here’s another good book: The Cave Painter of Lascaux


We learned about the History of Writing, the 4th Great Lesson.

We made some of our own cave art: (Here’s one way to do it)

“The amazing cave paintings at Lascaux in south-west France are estimated to be 17,300 years old. They were discovered in 1940 by a group of teenage boys and their dog as they explored the woods of Montignac for a fabled tunnel containing hidden treasure! What the boys found was treasure indeed – a “cavalcade of animals larger than life painted on the walls and ceiling of the cave; each animal seemed to be moving” in the words of fourteen year ‘discoverer’, Jacques Marsal.”

“More than 900 animals are painted or incised into the rocks, mostly cattle, deer and horses, hunted by human figures with bows and arrows. Four huge bulls dominate one chamber, known as the The Great Hall of the Bulls, the largest bull measuring an incredible 5.2m (17 feet) from nose to tail.”


  1. By the way, they’re not “cave men” but rather Early Humans or Prehistoric Humans.
  2. Other Art Lessons:


Cave Art , petroglyphs , and early symbols

First, some general prehistoric people websites:



Below are resources on Cave Art







7. The red dot:


General Resources on the Out of Africa Theory:

  3. Early Asian Migrations


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