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Here’s a great website for third graders to learn about our solar system:

  1. Star Child
  2. They have an article on ERIS!

Best of all, the page has an audio link so you can listen to it!

Are you interested in learning more about the new EXOPLANETS?

Want to know about SpaceX?



Pluto and Europa here we come!

New images of Pluto revealed!

One of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, may support life!

Get your new stamps here!


Solar System research

Are you curious about constellations? Our solar system? Planets?

Then check out a great website for children:


There are three different reading levels, Spanish, and a UNIVERSE of information!

Do you want to know about the history of rockets and space flight?

Places to start:

1. Ducksters

2. Ducksters: Space Race!

3. Starchild


Other sites:

1. Here is a detailed timeline:

2. More photos and info here:

3. NASA website with info on Robert H. Goddard

4. Another timeline :


Writing Trivia Questions? Here are some examples:

1.Trivia Champ